[][src]Struct sequoia_openpgp::autocrypt::AutocryptHeader

pub struct AutocryptHeader {
    pub header_type: AutocryptHeaderType,
    pub key: Option<Cert>,
    pub attributes: Vec<Attribute>,

A parsed Autocrypt header.


header_type: AutocryptHeaderType

Whether this is an "Autocrypt" or "Autocrypt-Gossip" header.

key: Option<Cert>

The parsed key data.

attributes: Vec<Attribute>

All attributes.


impl AutocryptHeader[src]

pub fn new_sender<'a, P>(
    cert: &Cert,
    addr: &str,
    prefer_encrypt: P
) -> Result<Self> where
    P: Into<Option<&'a str>>, 

Creates a new "Autocrypt" header.

pub fn get(&self, key: &str) -> Option<&Attribute>[src]

Looks up an attribute.

Trait Implementations

impl Serialize for AutocryptHeader[src]

fn export(&self, o: &mut dyn Write) -> Result<()>[src]

Exports a serialized version of the object to o. Read more

impl PartialEq<AutocryptHeader> for AutocryptHeader[src]

impl Debug for AutocryptHeader[src]

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