[][src]Trait sequoia_openpgp::policy::Policy

pub trait Policy: Debug {
    fn signature(&self, _sig: &Signature) -> Result<()> { ... }

A policy for cryptographic operations.

Provided methods

fn signature(&self, _sig: &Signature) -> Result<()>

Returns an error if the signature violates the policy.

This function performs the last check before the library decides that a signature is valid. That is, after the library has determined that the signature is well-formed, alive, not revoked, etc., it calls this function to allow you to implement any additional policy. For instance, you may reject signatures that make use of cryptographically insecure algorithms like SHA-1.

Note: Whereas it is generally better to reject suspicious signatures, one should be more liberal when considering revocations: if you reject a revocation certificate, it may inadvertently make something else valid!

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impl Policy for StandardPolicy[src]

fn signature(&self, _sig: &Signature) -> Result<()>[src]

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