[][src]Function sequoia_ffi::store::sq_binding_rotate

#[no_mangle]pub extern "C" fn sq_binding_rotate(
    ctx: *mut Context,
    binding: *const Binding,
    cert: *const Cert
) -> Maybe<Cert>

Forces a keyrotation to the given Cert.

C Declaration

sq_binding_rotate (pgp_context_t ctx,
                   const pgp_binding_t binding,
                   const pgp_cert_t cert);

The current key is replaced with the new key cert, even if they do not have the same fingerprint. If a key with the same fingerprint as cert is already in the mapping, is merged with cert and normalized. The returned key contains all packets known to Sequoia, and should be used instead of cert.

Use this function to resolve conflicts returned from sq_binding_import. Make sure that you have authenticated cert properly. How to do that depends on your thread model. You could simply ask Alice to call her communication partner Bob and confirm that he rotated his keys.