[][src]Type Definition sequoia_openpgp::cert::amalgamation::UserAttributeAmalgamation

type UserAttributeAmalgamation<'a> = ComponentAmalgamation<'a, UserAttribute>;

A User Attribute and its associated data.

A specialized version of ComponentAmalgamation.


impl<'a> UserAttributeAmalgamation<'a>[src]

pub fn user_attribute(&self) -> &'a UserAttribute[src]

Returns a reference to the User Attribute.

Note: although ComponentAmalgamation<UserAttribute> derefs to a &UserAttribute (via &ComponentBundle), this method provides a more accurate lifetime, which is helpful when returning the reference from a function. See the module's documentation for more details.

pub fn attest_certifications<C, S>(
    policy: &dyn Policy,
    primary_signer: &mut dyn Signer,
    certifications: C
) -> Result<Vec<Signature>> where
    C: IntoIterator<Item = S>,
    S: Borrow<Signature>, 

Attests to third-party certifications.

This feature is experimental.

Allows the certificate owner to attest to third party certifications. See Section of RFC 4880bis for details. This can be used to address certificate flooding concerns.

A policy is needed, because the expiration is updated by updating the current binding signatures.


See UserIDAmalgamation::attest_certifications#examples.