[][src]Enum sequoia_openpgp::crypto::sexp::Sexp

pub enum Sexp {

An S-Expression.

An S-Expression is either a string, or a list of S-Expressions.



Just a string.


A list of S-Expressions.


impl Sexp[src]

pub fn from_ciphertext(ciphertext: &Ciphertext) -> Result<Self>[src]

Constructs an S-Expression representing ciphertext.

The resulting expression is suitable for gpg-agent's INQUIRE CIPHERTEXT inquiry.

pub fn finish_decryption<R>(
    recipient: &Key<PublicParts, R>,
    ciphertext: &Ciphertext,
    padding: bool
) -> Result<SessionKey> where
    R: KeyRole

Completes the decryption of this S-Expression representing a wrapped session key.

Such an expression is returned from gpg-agent's PKDECRYPT command. padding must be set according to the status messages sent.

pub fn to_signature(&self) -> Result<Signature>[src]

Parses this s-expression to a signature.

Such an expression is returned from gpg-agent's PKSIGN command.

pub fn string(&self) -> Option<&String_>[src]

Casts this to a string.

pub fn list(&self) -> Option<&[Sexp]>[src]

Casts this to a list.

Trait Implementations

impl Serialize for Sexp[src]

fn export(&self, o: &mut dyn Write) -> Result<()>[src]

Exports a serialized version of the object to o. Read more

impl SerializeInto for Sexp[src]

fn to_vec(&self) -> Result<Vec<u8>>[src]

Serializes the packet to a vector.

fn export_into(&self, buf: &mut [u8]) -> Result<usize>[src]

Exports into the given buffer. Read more

fn export_to_vec(&self) -> Result<Vec<u8>>[src]

Exports to a vector. Read more

impl<'a> Parse<'a, Sexp> for Sexp[src]

impl Eq for Sexp[src]

impl PartialEq<Sexp> for Sexp[src]

impl Clone for Sexp[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Debug for Sexp[src]

impl Arbitrary for Sexp[src]

fn shrink(&self) -> Box<dyn Iterator<Item = Self> + 'static>

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Sexp

impl Sync for Sexp

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