[][src]Struct sequoia_openpgp::packet::header::Header

pub struct Header { /* fields omitted */ }

A packet's header.

See Section 4.2 of RFC 4880 for details.


impl Header[src]

pub fn new(ctb: CTB, length: BodyLength) -> Self[src]

Creates a new header.

pub fn ctb(&self) -> &CTB[src]

Returns the header's CTB.

pub fn length(&self) -> &BodyLength[src]

Returns the header's length.

pub fn valid(&self, future_compatible: bool) -> Result<()>[src]

Checks the header for validity.

A header is consider invalid if:

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Header[src]

impl Debug for Header[src]

impl Marshal for Header[src]

impl MarshalInto for Header[src]

impl<'a> Parse<'a, Header> for Header[src]

fn from_reader<R: 'a + Read + Send + Sync>(reader: R) -> Result<Self>[src]

Parses an OpenPGP packet's header as described in Section 4.2 of RFC 4880.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Header

impl Send for Header

impl Sync for Header

impl Unpin for Header

impl UnwindSafe for Header

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