[][src]Struct sequoia_openpgp::parse::stream::DetachedVerifier

pub struct DetachedVerifier<'a, H: VerificationHelper> { /* fields omitted */ }

Verifies a detached signature.

To create a DetachedVerifier, create a DetachedVerifierBuilder using Parse, and customize it to your needs.

See GoodChecksum for what it means for a signature to be considered valid. When the signature(s) are processed, VerificationHelper::check will be called with a MessageStructure containing exactly one layer, a signature group.


use std::io::{self, Read};
use sequoia_openpgp as openpgp;
use openpgp::{KeyHandle, Cert, Result};
use openpgp::parse::{Parse, stream::*};
use sequoia_openpgp::policy::StandardPolicy;

let p = &StandardPolicy::new();

// This fetches keys and computes the validity of the verification.
struct Helper {};
impl VerificationHelper for Helper {
    fn get_certs(&mut self, _ids: &[KeyHandle]) -> Result<Vec<Cert>> {
        Ok(Vec::new()) // Feed the Certs to the verifier here...
    fn check(&mut self, structure: MessageStructure) -> Result<()> {
        Ok(()) // Implement your verification policy here.

let signature =
   b"-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----

     -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----";

let data = b"Hello World!";
let h = Helper {};
let mut v = DetachedVerifierBuilder::from_bytes(&signature[..])?
    .with_policy(p, None, h)?;


impl<'a, H: VerificationHelper> DetachedVerifier<'a, H>[src]

pub fn verify_reader<R: Read + Send + Sync>(&mut self, reader: R) -> Result<()>[src]

Verifies the given data.

pub fn verify_file<P: AsRef<Path>>(&mut self, path: P) -> Result<()>[src]

Verifies the given data.

pub fn verify_bytes<B: AsRef<[u8]>>(&mut self, buf: B) -> Result<()>[src]

Verifies the given data.

pub fn helper_ref(&self) -> &H[src]

Returns a reference to the helper.

pub fn helper_mut(&mut self) -> &mut H[src]

Returns a mutable reference to the helper.

pub fn into_helper(self) -> H[src]

Recovers the helper.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'a, H> !RefUnwindSafe for DetachedVerifier<'a, H>

impl<'a, H> Send for DetachedVerifier<'a, H> where
    H: Send

impl<'a, H> Sync for DetachedVerifier<'a, H> where
    H: Sync

impl<'a, H> Unpin for DetachedVerifier<'a, H> where
    H: Unpin

impl<'a, H> !UnwindSafe for DetachedVerifier<'a, H>

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