Module sequoia_openpgp_ffi::packet[][src]

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Packet-related types.

See Section 4 of RFC 4880 for more details.


Public key, public subkey, private key and private subkey packets.

Literal data packets.

Asymmetrically encrypted session keys.

Signature packets.

Symmetrically encrypted session keys.

User Attribute packets.

User Id packets.


The OpenPGP packets that Sequoia understands.


Clones this object.

Returns a human readable description of this object

Compares objects.

Frees this object.

Hashes this object.

Returns the parsed Packet's corresponding OpenPGP tag.

Given a packet references the contained literal data packet, if

Given a packet references the contained signature, if any.

Returns the Packet's corresponding OpenPGP tag.

Returns a human-readable tag name.