Module sequoia_openpgp_ffi::serialize[][src]

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OpenPGP packet serializer.

Wraps the streaming packet serialization, see sequoia-openpgp::serialize::stream.


A recipient of an encrypted message.


Writes an arbitrary packet.

Creates a new encryptor.

Writes a literal data packet.

Returns a human readable description of this object

Frees this object.

Gets the KeyID.

Creates a new recipient with an explicit recipient keyid.

Sets the KeyID.

Collects recipients from a pgp_cert_key_iter_t.

Collects recipients from a pgp_cert_valid_key_iter_t.

Signs a packet stream.

Creates a signer for a detached signature.

Finalizes all writers, tearing down the whole stack.

Finalizes this writer, returning the underlying writer.

Streams an OpenPGP message.

Writes up to len bytes of buf into writer.

Writes up to len bytes of buf into writer.