[][src]Struct sequoia_openpgp::crypto::mem::Protected

pub struct Protected(_);

Protected memory.

The memory is guaranteed not to be copied around, and is cleared when the object is dropped.


use sequoia_openpgp::crypto::mem::Protected;

    let p: Protected = vec![0, 1, 2].into();
    assert_eq!(p.as_ref(), &[0, 1, 2]);

// p is cleared once it goes out of scope.

Trait Implementations

impl AsMut<[u8]> for Protected[src]

impl AsRef<[u8]> for Protected[src]

impl Clone for Protected[src]

impl Debug for Protected[src]

impl Deref for Protected[src]

type Target = [u8]

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impl DerefMut for Protected[src]

impl Drop for Protected[src]

impl Eq for Protected[src]

impl<'_> From<&'_ [u8]> for Protected[src]

impl From<Box<[u8]>> for Protected[src]

impl From<Protected> for ProtectedMPI[src]

impl From<Protected> for SessionKey[src]

impl From<Vec<u8>> for Protected[src]

impl Hash for Protected[src]

impl PartialEq<Protected> for Protected[src]

impl Send for Protected[src]

impl Sync for Protected[src]

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